> New festival timing gave Divadelná Nitra an unexpected cultural twist / 14 June 2024


> The programme of the ITF Divadelná Nitra 2023 not only as a response to the society suggestions / 18 August 23
> ITF Divadelná Nitra 2023 presents its headliners / 17 July 23


> Divadelná Nitra 2022 moved the festival to a new stage with good news: People did not forget to go to the theatre
> New Names at the International Theatre festival Divadelná Nitra 2022


> International festival Divadelná Nitra 2021 ended successfully

Ecology and freedom – ITF Divadelná Nitra will dance to important questions

> What is the character of our country? Can we learn from history? Slovak theatre raises burning questions. Come and reflect on them at ITF Divadelná Nitra

> ITF Divadelná Nitra features suggestive theatre

> For three decades, International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra reflects on the world around us


> PR_8 The International Theatre festival Divadelna Nitra makes changes to its programme but takes place as scheduled

>  PR_6 Powerful original pieces on motherhood, male subjectivity, autism and mental impairment. Divadelna Nitra programs bold works of theatre

PR_5 Art boldly reflecting on society and politics

> PR_4 New international productions at Divadelná Nitra

> PR_2 How close are art and morality?

> PR_1 Look forward to Divadelná Nitra 2020!

>TSBS_Choreographer and dancer Petra Fornayová creates an ‘ecological’ production for Divadelná Nitra


>PR09_Divadelná Nitra showed all of THE FACES OF FREEDOM, attracting over 6000 visitors

>PR08_Talk freely about (un)freedom. Divadelná Nitra brings powerful theatre and a rich off-programme

PR07_Real puppets and an always unhappy dog will be the stars at Divadelná Nitra

> PR06_Dive into the depths of the dramatic imagination. Discover visual art, film and music

PR05_Live through the day of a homeless person or train your ideological gymnastics

PR04_The message of Catch-22 is still alive. New productions from Russia and Slovakia

PR03_This year’s Divadelná Nitra opens with a hit opera from the Czech Republic

> PR02_What is freedom? What are its faces and limits? Divadelná Nitra invites to explore the answers through the art

> TS01_After years in the making, Divadelná Nitra opens its rich archives to the public_ENG

> TS_BS1_Divadelná Nitra is looking for _ENG


> PR_6 He sacrificed relationships and created a sensation. My Struggle opens Divadelná Nitra

> PR_5 Hungarian Acacia is full of irony, Divadelná Nitra welcomes the REaction

> PR_4 Divadelná Nitra welcomes artists from the Czech Republic in the project Republic 100

> PR_3 The star from Lebanon will explore the boundaries of Reality at Divadelná Nitra

> PR_2 Divadelná Nitra explores the possibilities of theatre and society

> PR_1 Divadelná Nitra Responds to the state of the society


> Press release_Divadelná Nitra 2017 will welcome 12 young European critics from the V4 countries

> Press release_Slovak productions at Divadelná Nitra to speak of the ruling caste as well as a mythical thug

> Press release_Divadelná Nitra will enter the 26th edition with the theme #FUNDAMENTALS, tickets in sale!

> Press release_The first name of Divadelná Nitra 2017: Provocative theatre hit from the Czech Republic

> SAVE THE DATE: Divadelná Nitra 2017!