• To create, an open space for promotion of European performing arts and for international discussion on the questions of art, culture and cultural policy;
  • To take the initiative in the field of critical reflection and exchange of information and know-how;
  • To contribute to the dissemination of works of art and experts from the field of performing arts;
  • To bring European performing arts and its values closer to the public;
  • To develop the relationship of the public to art; to creatively and innovatevely add to the non formal education in the art and cultural area, work with children and young and work with theatre audience.


  • The rich home made and foreign reflection of a high quality
  • The inspiration for the current production
  • The highest quality
  • The prestigious place in Europe
  • The satisfied and well informed spectator
  • Professional development
  • International cooperation
  • The platform for the exchange of experiences and opinions
  • Divadelna Nitra outside Nitra


  • present a high quality of European theatre – non-traditional, searching and inspirational theatre
  • to inform about the work, the personage and the tendencies of the contemporary Slovak theatre
  • to search for and present the new names of artists – ‘rising stars’
  • to bring up to date themes, attractive forms, new tendencies
  • to aim beyond the usual borders of genres, to join different types of art (film, literature, music, visual arts, radio)
  • to offer the opportunity to represent the regional culture – production for adults and children
  • to continue in realization of the ongoing programme in the informal education for young people and motivating to volunteering


  • to develop the cultural exchange in European context
  • to motivate in the Slovak theatre and cultural environment, to add to the possibilities of representation of the Slovak theatres and culture as a whole
  • to inspire and provoke the creators, the cultural operators and also the spectators of the festival
  • to support the variety of arts, methods of artistic expression and the perceiving of it
  • to cultivate taste, fantasy, empathy, love for the beautiful, tolerance to the differences
  • to permanently create the answer to the consumerism, to strengthen the name of the festival as an important platform for a polemic to traditional and commercial art
  • to add to the personal development of an individual and to improve the quality of life