We are already working hard to ensure the 30. International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2021 will be a safe event. We hope that having members of our festival staff and team of collaborators vaccinated will allow us to prepare and deliver a superb festival. We hope that by following current measures, you will be able to enjoy an excellent programme and exciting festival atmosphere in the beginning of October.

Current requirements for organising public events in Nitra follow instructions by the Regional Public Health Authority in Nitra and, within the premises of the Andrej Bagar Theatre, the current DAB Director’s Notice n. 4/2020.


We will respect the permitted seating capacity set by the current notice. We kindly ask all spectators to abide by maximum capacities, distances and follow our personnel’s instructions.


We expect that protection of the upper respiratory tract indoors will remain mandatory at the time of the festival.


Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at each entrance to the theatre building or theatre hall and at any other venue, as well as at other official festival locations (staff office, press centre, registration, etc.) during the festival. Our co-organisers will take care of airing and disinfecting theatre halls, common spaces and surfaces, following valid regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The event’s organiser is obliged to keep a record of all visitor’s contacts for the purposes of potential tracking. If you wish to purchase your ticket personally at our cash desk, we will ask you for your contact information. Similarly, you will have to specify your contact details upon purchasing tickets online. Your personal data will be strictly protected under GDPR. Visitor records follow the current notice of the Regional Public Health Authority.


Providing proof of a negative test in persons who have not received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine follows the current notice of the Regional Public Health Authority.


In case you experience acute respiratory symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, runny nose, difficulties breathing), you must remain in home isolation.

Risk groups (individuals aged 60 and above, individuals with chronic conditions affecting the heart, vascular system, lungs, kidneys and metabolic system, individuals with immune deficiencies and pregnant women), with the exception of those who have been vaccinated, are advised to reconsider attending the event.