ITF Divadelná Nitra is one of many festivals that felt the effects of COVID-19 last year and one a few that successfully executed its programme as planned – live. These experiences were reflected in preparations for the 30. edition, which will take place with special attention to safety but also to a first-rate spectator experience. All organisers will be fully vaccinated and the event will follow current anti-epidemic measures.

In adopting pandemic measures, the organisers are following Regulation n. 241/2021 issued by the Public Health Authority, the internal notice of Association Divadelná Nitra, and rules governing cultural events, the so-called ‘culture traffic light’.

All indoor events are classified as OTP (admissions for fully vaccinated/tested/recovered from COVID-19) with mandatory coverage of the face with a respirator. All outdoor events are classified under the category Basic, i.e. without restrictions, with mandatory wearing of a face mask.

Organisers will not admit spectators without a respirator or face mask to the theatre hall or other festival venues even if they produce a valid ticket.

The event’s organiser is obliged to keep a record of all visitor’s contacts for purposes of potential tracking.

As the main festival organiser, Association Divadelná Nitra kindly requests all spectators and festival visitors to abide by rules concerning maximum seating capacities, distancing, hygiene and other pandemic measures, and to respect our personnel’s instructions.


For spectators who have or will purchase tickets to either festival performance and will require a valid negative test upon entry to the show, we will offer the option of discounted testing on-site.