Unless otherwise stated, admission to the event is free. 
In case of bad weather up-to-date information is at www.nitrafest.sk
and on social media on the day of the event concerned.


10.00 14.00, Štefánikova 15 / event of co-organizer: IPčko – Káčko Nitra: We will listen to you in Káčko and the ID club
During the festival rush, the ID club will offer a safe place to rest and recharge. The venue is stocked with plenty of board games, PlayStation, virtual reality, hedgehog therapist Karolína, and books. At the same time, psychologists from Káčko Nitra are available: you can come and use the time together for a conversation, support and advice. Free entry.

10.00 14.00, Kupecká 11 / event of co-organizer – Sekáč je láska: Clothes swap at our yard
SWAP is an opportunity to bring your clothes that kept you happy for a while and the time has come for them to cheer up someone else. The idea is to get such clothes back into circulation, while you can also find clothes that are missing from your wardrobe. Entrance fee: Eur 4 for swappers, voluntary contribution for all others

13.00 13.50, bod.K7 – pedestrian zone, Štefánikova 7 / event of co-organizer – Regional Public Education Centre Nitra: Behaviour Patterns
The site-specific project will bring an insight into the behaviour of the young generation that is influenced by their idols/role models. It is the result of a workshop that was to reveal what traces an idol/role model can leave on a young person. Young people often involuntarily follow a number of stimuli in the online space or in their real context that influence their physical conduct in public. Led by Radoslav Piovarči and Lucia Bielik (tanC), the participants try to reveal the concealed patterns that transform into movement situations. Free entry.

13.00 – 17.00, square in front of the DAB / Festival for Children: Black Box pen
A zone for the sighted about the unsighted. Black Box cinema, Black Box exhibition, Garden of the Blind, Pathway of Feeling, Tulipland / maxi puzzle. Free entry.

13.00 – 18.00, Nitra Gallery, Župné nám. 3 / event of co-organizer: Family Matters; The sea

The exhibition Family Matters maps the work of authors who are related by blood in different ways. The exibition The sea is exclusive ultra all-inclusive last minute tour around the sea. Indeed, not around the world, but around the sea! Entrace fee: Eur 4

14:00 – 17:00, square in front of DAB: Responses of bagpipe culture
Drahoš Daloš, master of the bagpipe guild, will present the activities of the European Centre of Bagpipe Culture in Oravská Polhora, and will introduce young people from the vicinity of Nitra who are dedicated to bagpipes. He will demonstrate the process of making bagpipes and other traditional folk instruments, and show rare UNESCO documents confirming the registration of bagpipe culture Slovakia into the world cultural heritage. The youngest bagpipe player in Slovakia, Vivien Kukučková from Jedľové Kostolany, will play the bagpipes. Free entry. 

14:00 – 14:45, children’s zone in front of DAB / Festival for children: When the Trees Sing. Divadlo na hojdačke (SK)
Puppet production tells the story of a majestic tree that remembers some things and voluntarily slept during some other moments, but is still an irreplaceable pillar of a family in a loving forest community. It decides to prepare a surprise for the tree – a celebration of its longevity. The idyll is suddenly disturbed by a person with a chainsaw. It will threaten not only the party, but the entire forest ecosystem. A production for children aged from 3 to 8 about how to protect nature. The independent group Divadlo na hojdačke was founded in 2009. Since 2015 it has been largely dedicated to creating author’s fairy tales for children. Free entry. 
Screenplay: Michal Legíň
Directed by: Lucia Lasičková
Set design and production: Miriam Horňáková
Music: Lukáš Cintula

Cast: Alexandra Nečesaná, Lukáš Kečkeš / Alena Vojteková

14:30 – 15:15, pedestrian zone in front of bod.K7: Dancehall WORLD: Roma dances
Through dance, we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia, and get to know other cultures. A permanent fixture at bod.K7, Dancehall WORLD will present the music and dance of the Roma people in Slovakia. A true Roma bashavel with dance teachers from the dance group Romano Jilo. The dance workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Free entry. 

15:30 – 16:20, children’s zone in front of DAB / Children’s Festival: Grandma!!! Divadlo Houže (SK)
Being a grandmother or grandfather is all but easy. The world around us is always in a hurry, butter is expensive, fraudsters are omnipresent; we break our backs in the morning, our knees in the evening, and, most importantly, where would we go when we have to go back again! Yet, our Grandma came up with the solution it. She sits by the phone, talks to Grandpa about everything. But what happens when one day the phone rings and rings and no one answers? Grandma is forced to go on an adventurous journey and deal with the pitfalls of an unpredictable world. The Houže Theatre, an independent puppet theatre for children and adults, was founded in 2017. Its poetics is directed towards the tradition of classical puppetry and itinerant fair and pub theatre. Free entry.
Author of text, music, directed by: Matej Truban
Dramaturgy: Hana Launerová
Stage and puppets: Michaela Zajačková
Performers: Lukáš Takáč and Matej Truban

16:00 – 16:45, pedestrian zone in front of bod. K7: Dancehall WORLD: Slovak folk dances
Through dance, we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia, and get to know other cultures. A staple feature at bod.K7, Dancehall WORLD will present Matej and Dagmar Vreštiak, who will teach you to dance the Slovak dance frishka – quick dance from Veľké Zálužie accompanied by master bagpiper Tomáš Blažek from Nitra. Free entry.   

17:00 – 17:45, pedestrian zone in front of the bod.K7: Dancehall WORLD: Tango Argentino
Through dance we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia and get to know other cultures. A permanent fixture at bod.K7 Dancehall WORLD with dance teachers from Tango Club Trnava in the style of genuine Argentine milonga will bring the basic steps of Argentine tango characterised not only by nostalgia, melancholy, passion, but also distinctive music. Tango is a space for social contact and connecting communities. Free entry. 

22:30 – 00:00, Synagogue: Johan Doctor Faust. Handa Gote Research & Development (CZ) TICKETS HERE
One of the foremost and original theatres of the Czech independent scene Handa Gote After is making its comeback to Divadelná Nitra after years. This time they are reconstructing a traditional puppet show. With a complete set of large puppets that were made using contemporary technology according to the original characters of the traditional puppet families of the Karfiols, Maizners and Novák, they imitate the typical voice of the actors of the time, the so-called pimprlachtina. The complete text, written in 1911 by Jindřich Veselý according to Antonín Lagron’s Faust and other folk puppeteers. Since 2005, Handa Gote Research & Development have been at the intersection of theatre, contemporary dance, visual art, music, performance, and conceptual art.
Creative team: Robert Smolík, Tomáš Procházka, Jan Dörner, Veronika Švábová, František Antonín Skála, Radka Mizerová, Jakub Hybler, Jonáš Svatoš, Jan Brejcha
Performers: Tomáš Procházka, Veronika Švábová, Jan Dörner