Unless otherwise stated, admission to the event is free. 
In case of bad weather up-to-date information is at www.nitrafest.sk
and on social media on the day of the event concerned.


10.00 – 16.00, Square / Festival for Chidren
A Tulip for You. A day-long integration workshop for children with and without vision impairment. Drumming session by Jamadan (14.00 – 15.O0).

10.00 – 18.00, Nitra Gallery, Župné nám. 3 / event of co-organizer: Family Matters; The sea
The exhibition Family Matters maps the work of authors who are related by blood in different ways. The exibition The sea is exclusive ultra all-inclusive last minute tour around the sea. Indeed, not around the world, but around the sea! Entrace fee: Eur 4

14:30 – 19:30, Kupecká street: KníhKupecká
For one day we will change the street Kupecká (Sellers’ Street) to KníhKupecká (Booksellers’ Street)! The bookstore and antiquarian Pod Vŕškom host a series of events that will transform the street Kupecká ulica into a platform of live culture. Hundreds of books from €1, staged text readings by students of the literary and dramac department The Jozef Rosinký Elementary School of Art, a book workshop with Jana Michalová from Bibiana children’s gallery, the author Viliam Klimáček with his latest book Vanity (17.00) and a concert by the band Terrible 2s (18:30). Free entry.

17.00 – 18.00, Square / Concert
Funny Fellows
Cheerful syncopations performed by the Slovak swing music formation Funny Fellows will bring an energetic mood with refinement and an unrepeatable atmosphere of world melodies to the opening of the festival.

20:00 – 22:00, DAB – Great hall: Independent culture in jeopardy
Discussion about the fate and conditions for the existence of independent culture in Slovakia. Hosted by Oliver Rehák. In cooperation with the daily Denník NSpeakers: Róbert Špoták – director of the Slovak Arts Council; Zuzana Ivašková – culture manager and adviser to the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic; Ľubo Burgr – musician, director and artistic director of A4 – contemporary
culture space in Bratislava. Music performance by Matej Tále. Entry is free, the discussion will be simultaneously interpreted into English and streamed live online on FB Divadelná Nitra.

22:15 – 23:05, Synagogue / Youth Theatre: Father with Mashed Potatoes. Šesť Pé Youth Theatre (SK) TICKETS HERE
Father turns into a rabbit one day. Someone might say that it doesn’t really matter, except that who is going to go to work now? Who will fix the faucet or open the jam jar? Who will snore at night and thus scaring away thieves? Who will drive our bicycle? Who will … who will give me a hug when I’m sad? The rabbit will not answer these questions, because it cannot speak. Production of the award-winning ensemble Šesť Pé at the Partizánske Theatre Association based on Etgar Keret’s short story does not offer answers, but attempts to save the rabbit from the roaster.
Directed by: Ondrej Böhm and Šest Pé
Cast: Dorota Peniašková , Henrieta Sedlárová, Alžbeta Marková, Sabína Holečková , Ladislav Tischler, Dávid Greguš, Hana Koncová, Miroslav Kuttner, Timea Cyprichová, Kristína Podobová