V4@Theatre Critics Residency 2018 was the fourth edition of the successful international project for young theatre critics until 35 age-old from Central and East Europe. The residency includes analytics seminars with great theatre critics Patrice Pavis from France and Thomas Irmer from Germany, watching performances of the main festival as well as presenting contemporary arts of their countries and meeting other theatre professionals. Fourteen young people from 12 countries participate in this edition.


BY       Anastasia Vasilevich

BY       Anna Zelenevskaya                              gromykotheatre.org (online)

CZ        Tereza Turzíková                                 Kritické Theatrum (online)

HU       Klára Nagy                                           szinhaz.net (online)

HU       Fruzsina Dézsi                                     Színház folyóirat (Theatre Journal)

HU       Krisztina Vagdalt

MD       Dana Maxim

PL        Marcin Bogucki                                    Theatre Times (online)

PL        Olga Śmiechowicz                               Dziennik teatralny (online)

PL        Aleksandra Spilkowska                        Didaskalia

SK       Diana Pavlačková                                 Kapitál (print)

UA       Anna Kaluger

UA       Kseniia Reutova

GE       Ana Kvinikadze                                   Theatre (december)

BG       Plamen Harmandjiev

DE       Thomas Irmer                                      Theater der Zeit (december)