National Theatre Prague – Drama

You in My House

Fri / 1 / 10 – Wed / 6 / 10 /21
anywhere and anytime


language: Czech and English





National Theatre Prague – Drama, Czech Republic

You in My House

An audio-performance for two spectators and an apartment

An audio-performance that invites you to visit, to look at your apartment with a fresh pair of eyes, to subtly participate – in short, to play together. Directed by: Jiří Austerlitz. By purchasing a ticket, you will gain access to an audio track downloadable to your mobile device that you can play e.g. in your house.

directed by: Jiří Austerlitz
dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková
music and sound design: Jan Čtvrtník
sound: Jan Veselý

Jiří Austerlitz is the pseudonym of the well-known Czech director Jiří Adámek. Adámek studied directing at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU, Prague. With his theatre company Boca Loca Lab, founded in 2007, he has developed a distinctive kind of theatre that combines music-compositional structure, stylised acting, and a peculiar approach to language. His music-theatrical productions received awards at home and abroad (e.g. Tick Tick Politic, 2006; From the Jungle Book, 2007; Europeans, 2008; After Velvet, 2011). He regularly produces works for young audiences, especially at Minor Theatre in Prague. He works for the Czech Radio. He also lectures at DAMU.