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9:30 – 10:15, Synagogue: Microworlds. Jasmine Piktorová, Sabina Bočková (CZ) TICKETS HERE
Our Earth is full of worlds within the world. Each of these micro worlds lives its own unique life. Through micro-movements, body landscapes and play with small objects, the production of the Czech–Slovak tandem of female performers directs our attention to small things that are often invisible at first glance. The playful and poetic performance explores the fragility of our existence. The production draws the attention of children and adults to the little things and details around them, softens their perception, trains their attentiveness and concentration, and teaches them to play even with minimal resources. Suitable for children aged from 4. 

13.00 – 18.00, Nitra Gallery, Župné nám. 3 / event of co-organizer – Nitra Gallery: Family Matters; The sea
The exhibition Family Matters maps the work of authors who are related by blood in different ways. The exibition The sea is exclusive ultra all-inclusive last minute tour around the sea. Indeed, not around the world, but around the sea! Entrace fee: Eur 4

16.00 – 17.30, Vila K, Kmeťkova 25 / event of co-organizer – NGO Vila K: Why do we restore cultural monuments?
In the premises of the national cultural monument Vila K, a discussion will take place about the need to restore the immovable cultural heritage, with a focus on the progress of the restoration of Villa K. Discussants include specialists on monument restoration, architects and members of the Vila K Community Association. Representatives of the civic association will present the results achieved so far, new findings and recovery goals. At the end, there will be a tour of the premises of Villa K combined with a coffee tasting.