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10:00 – 12:00, DAB – Studio / Youth Theatre: Divorce – Public Matter. ND Young – Prague National Theatre and The Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory in Topoľčany (CZ, SK) TICKETS HERE
Human and political relationships arise, culminate, dissolve, and then reconcile. The story, full of images, jokes and documentary footage from television, opens with a video conference to which the European Union summoned the late Czech and Slovak greats Štúr, Lasica, Masaryk, Havel and others to start solving the crisis in mutual relations. The two nations have ceased understanding each other, so an experiment is carried out. A group of Czechs and a group of Slovaks suddenly find themselves in an unidentifiable space and do not know what to do there. Rivalry arises and “Czechoslovak heaven” sends them various proposals for reconciliation. The participants – 8 from the Czech Republic and 7 from Slovakia – were selected for the research and creative project based on an open call. The Slovak group is from The Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory in Topoľčany, which is a project partner, while the Czech group consists of young people from all over the Czech Republic. Together they went through a complex process of discovery and creation.
After the performance (80 min.), there will be a discussion on the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of the Czechoslovakia.
Dramaturgy: Kateřina Volánková
Directed by: Zuzana Kráľová

13.00 – 18.00, Nitra Gallery, Župné nám. 3 / event of co-organizer: Family Matters; The sea
The exhibition Family Matters maps the work of authors who are related by blood in different ways. The exibition The sea is exclusive ultra all-inclusive last minute tour around the sea. Indeed, not around the world, but around the sea! Entrace fee: Eur 4

17:00 – 18:00, bod.K7 This is This is art, Too!
The project This is Art, Too that arose at the initiative of the Association Divadelná Nitra in cooperation with the Cell for Contemporary Culture and the civic association Nitra Cultural Heritage, has been mapping urban and architectural works and art in public space of the city of Nitra since 2014. The project is entering its ninth year n at the 2023 edition of Divadelná Nitra. A talk by the project curators Juraj Novák and Richard E. Pročko will present history and output of the project. Partner: civic association Nitra Cultural Heritage. Free entry.

21:30 – 22:15, Synagogue / Youth Theatre: Daddy Freud. B+S Theatre Ensemble at The Jozef Rosinský Elementary School of Art (SK) TICKETS HERE
Bruno and Samo. They were in the same class for 9 years. They made friends and talked a lot … about dragons, LEGO, policemen and so on … Then they joined the same theatre company. Afterwards, they no longer were with the same company and they stopped talking. Then they stopped being friends. Then everything changed. Now there is a joint production. Full of authentic and tragicomic dialogues that once took place and with other people; nursery rhymes and games, or opinions about parents, and impromptu conversations that take both protagonists out of their comfort zone. Authors’ project uses texts from the Markéta Bláhová play Trap (Pastička). Every year, the drama groups from The Jozef Rosinský Elementary School of Art in Nitra feature, to high acclaim, in the Youth Theatre programme section within the accompanying programme at Divadelna Nitra.
Dramaturgy: Andrej Rácz
Scenography: collective of the ensemble
Director: Marica Šišková
Performers: Samuel Soyal, Bruno Baláž

21:30 – 23:00, Meeting point: DAB – foyer: Responses to the 32nd Divadelná Nitra
Closing discussion about the current edition of Divadelná Nitra will examines the responses of individual productions in the programme. Closing discussion about the current edition of ITF Divadelná Nitra examines the responses of individual productions in the programme. Guests: theatre critics Miro Zwiefelhofer and Katarína Kövesdi Cvečková, Magdaléna Franková (student of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts of The Palacký University Olomouc) and Martin Boszorád, Director of the Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. Hosted by Hana Rodová. Free entry.