Tichým hlasom. In a Calm Voice 

Sat / 23 / 9 / 23
15:30 – 17:00 TICKETS HERE
The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra
> terrace
In case of bad weather: Nitra Gallery

no intermission

language Slovak and English


Tichým hlasom. In a Calm Voice

directed by: Alžbeta Vrzgula

Five “living audiobooks”, five stories and five reasons (not) to protest. Five people of different ethnicities, origin, ages and life experiences explore protest as a public expression. You can meet them on the street, in a shop or on a bus. They had to leave their homeland and go through difficult integration. Political migrants live in our cities and carry untold stories within. They come from different cultures and speak foreign languages. At Divadelná Nitra, you can meet them in person. Unlike traditional performances, not on stage, but on one of the abandoned terraces of the theatre. The encounter will be direct and it’s up to you whether you decide to merely listen to their story or engage in direct contact with them. The sequence in which you hear the intertwined stories is not determined by the director, but by each spectator, what fundamentally affects the overall para-theatre experience. The performative installation of stories gives space to diverse people, brings authentic narration by Irina, Gab and Tade, Olena and Mehmet. From the dangerous streets of Jakarta in 1998, we will be taken to the streets of Kyiv maidan full of singing, even to a Siberian town where a decision to join or not to join a protest rally affects the amount of salary. Memories of the past will be heard, along with the dreams of the future. Are we willing to protest on behalf of the future? Bring your smartphone and headphones. The rest will be goosebumps.

Practical information:

To participate in the event, you need a smartphone with internet access and headphones.

It takes 55 minutes to listen to all the stories. The recommended arrival is therefore no later than 16.00 hrs.

The back terrace of DAB will be accessible via the staircase leading to the DAB restaurant (from the square Svätoplukovo námestie on the right side of the theatre building).

concept and realization: Alžbeta Vrzgula
sound design: Arx
visual collaboration: Laura Štorcelová
collective: Irina, Gab & Tade, Olena, Mehmet

Alžbeta Vrzgula (1992) is a director and author of texts. During her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU), she held internships in Poitiers in France, at The Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno and with the German group Rimini Protocol. In 2017, she founded an independent professional theatre Uhol_92. Under its banner, she mainly stages her own texts with an overlap into existing literary works and into collective author’s work. Within Uhol_92, she launched and coordinated events reflecting climate change in art. She also hosts the Uhol_92 podcast Life is a Dream [Život je sen] dedicated to artistic responses to climate change and the social role of art. As a curator, Ms Vrzgula collaborates with the festivals Pohoda and [fjúžn].