Unless otherwise stated, admission to the event is free. 
In case of bad weather up-to-date information is at www.nitrafest.sk
and on social media on the day of the event concerned.


10.00 – 14.00, Štefánikova 15 / event of co-organizer: IPčko – Káčko Nitra: We will listen to you in Káčko and the ID club
During the festival rush, the ID club will offer a safe place to rest and recharge. The venue is stocked with plenty of board games, PlayStation, virtual reality, hedgehog therapist Karolína, and books. At the same time, psychologists from Káčko Nitra are available: you can come and use the time together for a conversation, support and advice.

10.00 – 14.00, Kupecká 11 / event of co-organizer – Sekáč je láska: Clothes swap at our yard
SWAP is an opportunity to bring your clothes that kept you happy for a while and the time has come for them to cheer up someone else. The idea is to get such clothes back into circulation, while you can also find clothes that are missing from your wardrobe. Entrance fee: Eur 4 for swappers, voluntary contribution for all others

10.00 – 18.00, Nitra Gallery, Župné nám. 3 / event of co-organizer: Family Matters; The sea
The exhibition Family Matters maps the work of authors who are related by blood in different ways. The exibition The sea is exclusive ultra all-inclusive last minute tour around the sea. Indeed, not around the world, but around the sea! Entrace fee: Eur 4

13.00 – 17.00, square in front of the DAB / Festival for Children: Black Box pen
A zone for the sighted about the unsighted. Black Box cinema, Black Box exhibition, Garden of the Blind, Pathway of Feeling, Tulipland / maxi puzzle. Free entry.

14.00 – 17.00, Street Pri Synagóge and Synagogue: Little Ukraine in Nitra
The programme Little Ukraine in Nitra brings Ukraine closer to us with all its war vicissitudes. We will construct its portrait in a reduced form – a reduced Ukraine. Its images, sounds, tastes. How we see Ukraine, how we perceive its today. We will approach a kind of essence of heroism, courage, bravery, but also pain, losses, war experiences, humanitarian aid, solidarity, and humanity. We will set up original vans in the alley near the Synagogue, which will leave Nitra directly for Ukraine with humanitarian aid after the end of the programme. We will invite local Ukrainian artists to perform, listen to a talk by Alexander Duleba, premiére a documentary and taste the specialties of Ukrainian cuisine. The authors of the concept are Viera Dubačová and Lucia Štasselová. Free entry.

14.00 – 14.40, children’s zone in front of DAB: Turkish island or Gašparko’s journey to America, Tyjátr (SK)
The play Turkish Island play is based on Spanish romances. It was part of the core repertoire of every puppet dynasty. In Slovakia, traditional puppeteers also performed the play under the name Gašparko’s Journey to America. Prince Sigmund falls in love with Princess Florentine. In order to reach her, he pretends to attack her father, King Merantus to get himself captured. When the princess realises the matter, she decides to escape to America with the prince. Yet, the ship is wrecked and the princess and Gašparko (Joker) fall into Turkish captivity. You will see how it all turns out in a unique performance from the workshop of Ivan Gontko, a well-known dramaturge, actor and convener of cultural events, and, above all, an enthusiastic promoter of the values of traditional puppetry, which is still a living part of Slovakia’s intangible cultural heritage. Free entry.
Puppets come to life: Ivan Gontko, Ivana Benedikovič Gontková /Rebeka Gontková
Set: Miro Duša
Backdrops: Ďuro Balogh
Puppets: Beata Westrych-Zazrivec, Jaro Štuller
Song lyrics: Juraj Hamar

14:30 – 15:15, pedestrian zone in front of bod. K7: Dancehall WORLD: Slovak folk dances
Through dance, we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia, and get to know other cultures. A staple feature at bod. K7, Dancehall WORLD will present Matej and Dagmar Vreštiak, who will teach you to dance the Slovak dance frishka – quick dance from Veľké Zálužie accompanied by master bagpiper Tomáš Blažek from Nitra. Free entry. 

15:15 – 16:00, children’s zone in front of DAB / Children’s Festival: Long, Wide, Sharp. vi.TVOR (CZ)
A puppet fairy-tale with beautiful wooden totem puppets, inspired by the poetics of the Czech artist Zbyňek Sekal. Prince Dřevomír is to become king. Yet ruling alone is not easy. Hence, he has to get married. He falls in love with Princess Jůvívíjů. She was, however, cursed by an evil sorcerer. And so, Prince Dřevomír goes to the Iron Castle to save not only his bride, but also the kingdom. The Czech free group of artists vi.TVOR largely makes experimental, multi-genre, puppet theatre for children and adults. The award-winning ensemble has performed at a number of festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The show is suitable for children aged from 3. Free entry.
Creative team: Alžběta Vitvarová, René Vitvar, Lukáš Bouzek, Štěpán Lustyk
Performers: René Vitvar, Lukáš Bouzek, Štěpán Lustyk/Milan Vedral

15:30 – 16:15, pedestrian zone in front of bod.K7: Dancehall WORLD: Roma dances
Through dance, we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia, and get to know other cultures. A permanent fixture at bod.K7, Dancehall WORLD will present the music and dance of the Roma people in Slovakia. A true Roma bashavel with dance teachers from the dance group Romano Jilo. The dance workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Free entry. 

17:15 – 18:00, pedestrian zone in front of the bod.K7: Dancehall WORLD: Tango Argentino
Through dance we connect communities, break down prejudices and xenophobia and get to know other cultures. A permanent fixture at bod.K7 Dancehall WORLD with dance teachers from Tango Club Trnava in the style of genuine Argentine milonga will bring the basic steps of Argentine tango characterised not only by nostalgia, melancholy, passion, but also distinctive music. Tango is a space for social contact and connecting communities. Free entry. 

21.30 – 22.05, Synagogue / Youth Theatre: Nothing. Alterna Theatre (SK) TICKETS HERE
The original author’s production based on texts by D. Charms, L. Ferlinghetti, D. Hevier and E. Keret talks about the mayhem in our lives and our heads. One of the most successful productions of the Alterna Theatre at the Rimavská Sobota Elementary School of Art, also awarded at the national competition and amateur theatre festival Youth Theatre Festival (FeDiM ) in 2023.
Script, dramaturgy, set design and directed by: Marian Lacko
Cast: Zuzana Ďuríková, Laura Chovancová, Zuzana Jánošíková, Lucia Tučeková, Peter Purdek, Dominik Ramža