Free entry to all accompanying programme events
For indoor events we recommend booking via GoOut.

In case of bad weather up-to-date information is at
and on social media on the day of the event concerned.

10.00 – 16.00, Square / Festival for Chidren
A Tulip for You. A day-long integration workshop for children with and without vision impairment. A tribute to Thierry Ebam / drumming session by Jamadan (14.20 – 15.10).

14.30 – 19.30, Kupecká Street / Books and Second-hand Bookseller Pod Vŕškom
KníhKupecká. A series of events will transform the street Kupecká into a platform for live culture. Free entry.

15.20 – 16.00 a 17.20 – 18.00, Square
Balaton 1982. The fun and interactive combination of pantomime, physical theatre and clown show is a satirical excursion into the fashion and music of the uniform era of the 1980s. Free entry + English friendly

21.30 – 23.00, Private Conservatory Nitra, Krčméryho St. 2 / Youth Theatre
Private Conservatory Nitra: Don Juan Returning from War. Don Juan returns to a world where only women remain. A living memento of the war machinery… Free entry. Arranged bus from The Andrej Bagar Theatre parking; current information is at www. We recommend booking via GoOut.

Events by co-organisers

The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra /
How We Built the Theatre.
An exhibition of period photographs and documents in the foyer of DAB.

Nitra Region Museum /
History of the Museum in Images
. A panel is a reminiscence of the museum past.

We Thus … The exhibition presents the diversity, wealth and specifics of the Museum collection fund.

Nitra Gallery / 

Happy Birthday! Selection of C19th and 20th Slovak artists born in September.

Levels of Touch. The exhibition presents the work of graduates from Slovak arts academies.

The X-Files. The chamber exhibition presents the collection of drawings.