Association Divadelná Nitra, COMIN Nitra, The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project, Kinoklub Nitra, and others

Day for Ukraine

9. 6. 2024, Sunday, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Synagogue, address: Pri synagóge 3

admission free

Association Divadelná Nitra, COMIN Nitra, The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project, Kinoklub Nitra, and others.

Day for Ukraine

For the third time, during Divadelná Nitra, we will remember the war in Ukraine. In 2022, it was a series of art and theatre events. In 2023, led by Viera Dubačová and Lucia Štasselová, in cooperation with the civil initiative Peace for Ukraine and other leading organisations in Slovakia, a half-day Little Ukraine programme was held in Nitra.

The event Day for Ukraine is part of the two-day project Night and Day for Ukraine 2024. It will bring an authentic picture of the war in Ukraine and its consequences on people. We will present top documentaries; together with the actors of The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, visitors will get to know contemporary Ukrainian plays; Ukrainians living in Nitra will present their art and share their destinies.

Staged reading of contemporary Ukrainian texts.

Pavlo Arie: Diary of The Survival of a Civilian Inhabitant of the City in Wartime
Translation: Valéria Juríčková
Cast: Peter Oszlík, Eva Pavlíková, Andrea Sabová

Elena Astasievova: A Dictionary of Emotions in a Time of War
Translation: Romana Štorková Maliti
Cast: Eva Pavlíková, Andrea Sabová, Zuzana Moravcová, voice recordings: Daniela Kuffelová, Juraj Ďuriš, Martin Nahálka
Concept: Slavka Civáňová, Peter Oszlík
Running time: 80 min.

The two texts document the events of the first days of the war in Ukraine over the period from 24 February to 12 March 202. They assume the form of a diary entries and short, quite vivid and authentic reflections. They record the emotions and mental state of an individual’s experience, and physical struggle for survival. While one text offers a man’s and the other a woman’s perspective, and one describes the situation in Kyiv, the other in Kherson, both define very similar emotional state of fear, pain, hatred and helplessness, and seem to communicate with each other. The staged reading is complemented by a projection of documentary photographs by the playwright Pavel Aria and (anti-)war photojournalist Ján Husár that emerged in the first days of the war in Ukraine.


Day for Ukraine / DESTINY

Interviews with Ukrainian refugees who have found home in Nitra, adults and children, complemented by a screening of their authentic photographs, videos and musical performances by Ukrainian secondary school pupils.

Introduced by:
Ivona Fraňová and Galina Tkachivska
DESTINIES – interviews with:
Valentyn Ciberman, Olena Hohoľ, Elina Khomchenko, Olena Klopova, Anastasia Jakovyshena, Oksana Jakovyshena, Viacheslav Zabavin, Nadiia Strokan, Roman Biliashevych.

Moderator: Viera Dubačová
Interpreter: Sofia Guzar

Day for Ukraine / DOCU NEWS SK/UA

Screening of the latest Slovak documentaries on the war in Ukraine.
Those Who Remained (SR, 2024, Viera Dubačová, 27 min., 5th – final episode)
Mir Nam (SR, 2024, Juraj Mravec, 70 min.)


Day for Ukraine / CRAFTY HANDS

Presentation of products of adults and children – Ukrainians based in Nitra.
11-year-old Petro Movchan and his mother Olena Sydor: knitted toys
Elina Khomchenko: bracelets made of coloured beads
Olena Pinchuk: pictures in the style of the Petrykiv painting
Zoia Mikhailova: sewn dolls

The Ukrainian confectionery Vatsak will offer attractive and tasty desserts.