The third edition of V4@Theatre Critics Residency project welcomed 13 participants from 7 countries. They took part in analytics seminars lead by two mentors – Patrice Pavis and Thomas Irmer. By combining analytical seminars that reflect the festival’s main programme with the critics’ active participation at meetings with artists, the project provides ground for open discussion, whose ambition is to surpass the context of the festival and engage with the wider socio-political framework. This year’s edition of the project also included a meeting of current and former Residency participants with members of partner institutions, which focused on the topic of networking between theatre critics from different countries and the establishment of new international contacts.


Black Black Woods MD Marin Madan
Elites CZ Havlová
festival CZ Havlová
festival MD Marin Madan
festival PL Lizurek
festival SK Forkovičová Mloki
Jánošík MD Marin Madan
Miracles BY Smolskaya
Miracles HU Komjathy
Miracles UA Mygashko
One gesture BY Kazakova
One gesture PL Godlewski
Possessed BY Kazakova
Possessed BY Smolskaya
Possessed CZ Havlová
Pursuit of happiness BY Kazakova
Pursuit of happiness BY Smolskaya
Pursuit of happiness CZ Veselovská SaD
Pursuit of happiness HU Komjathy
Pursuit of happiness PL Godlewski
Pursuit of happiness SK Galdikova
Pursuit of happiness UA Mygashko
Pursuit of happiness UA Skliarikova
War unwomen face PL Godlewski
Zvizdal SK Galdikova
Zvizdal UA Mygashko
Zvizdal UA Skliarikova