THIS IS ART, TOO is a unique project, unparalleled in Nitra and Slovakia, that casts light on forgotten works of art and architecture in the public spaces of Nitra’s urban landscape – sculptures, buildings, architectural complexes, churches, cemeteries and more. Its goal is to raise public awareness of cultural values, foster cultural tourism and travelling, and contribute to rediscovering the identity of the city and its inhabitants. Through this project, we highlight the value, significance and singularity of the artworks themselves, as well as its creators and their contribution to society. In 2020, the project’s visual installations were complemented by commented video-tours. The organisers aim to develop informal education in the field of public visual art, support cultural tourism and travelling, and offer the format, experience and logo to other cities.

The project was launched and is organised by Association Divadelná Nitra in collaboration with culture scholar Juraj Novák and visual art theorist Richard E. Pročka.

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This Is Art, Too