Non-formal Education Project in the Field of Contemporary Slovak and European Theatre

An artwork’s conveying values is made all the more effective if it is preceded by systematic preparation of the audience. We are familiar with successfuland diverse examples of work with and education of the audience especially from the countries of Western Europe. While they have been spending time on activities that could be summarised under the heading of audience development for nearly 30 years, such work is not standard among our cultural organisations.

The difficulties in accepting new themes and unconventional means of expression are especially acute with productions that arrive from abroad – for instance, at an international festival. This is why Association Divadelná Nitra has decided to incorporate informal education of the audience in its programme since the late 1990s.

How To Understand Theatre is a year-round project of informal education in the field of theatre that was created in 2008. It is intended for high school and university students from various parts of Slovakia, as well as for the wide public.


  • how to go to theatre
  • how to learn about theatre
  • how to create theatre
  • how to approach theatre
  • how to communicate with theatre
  • how to be inspired by theatre
  • how to mediate theatre
  • how to get familiar with theatre
  • how to understand theatre
  • how to perform theatre
  • how to develop theatre
  • how to have be delighted by theatre

Key words

  • theatre, creativity, play, inspiration, motivation, communication, contact
  • informal education, untraditional approaches, new tendencies
  • curiosity, searching, knowledge, learning, developing, passing, delight