Since June 2019 preparations have been ongoing on a dance production planned to premiere at Divadelná Nitra 2020. The work is produced in collaboration with Tanec Praha Festival. Its aspiration is to foster contemporary dance in Nitra, joining a troupe of first-rate dancers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia with teenagers in both cities. Six children from the J. Rosinský Art Elementary in Nitra and 7 children from Prague are involved in the making of the production.

The initial contact with new collaborators took place during a visit at Tanec Praha Festival in June 2019. The involved teenagers were tasked to form an artistic team for the production. Attending workshops, discussions and performances, they became familiar with the work of artists Petra Fornayová, Jaro Viňarský, Marie Gourdain, Dano Raček, and Bára Látalová. Upon returning to Nitra they consulted their ideas about the piece’s theme and prospective artistic team with festival representatives.

The group of teenagers chose to have their piece directed by Marie Gourdain, a visual artist, scenographer and director hailing from Paris. They have worked on the production under her guidance since 2019 at discussions, workshops, and creative residencies. Their artistic team also features Jaro Viňarský and Václav Kalivoda. Since 2020 the children also took part in creative activities online and completed physical workshops and a week of rehearsals (August 2020). Unfortunately, the planned premiere for Divadelná Nitra 2020 was postponed due to anti-epidemic measures. We will inform you about the new date soon.

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The production involves children from the J. Rosinský Art Elementary, guided by Marica Šišková: Tamarka, Lea, Barbarka, Simonka, Margarétka, and Janka.