Association Divadelná Nitra has been invited to join the Be SpectACTive! Project in view of the artistic successes of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra and its organisation of activities in the field of audience development. Joining the BS 2 Project too will allow the Association to continue these activities, moving from educational projects for audiences toward creation with audiences and participative dramaturgy. The aim of the project’s many outputs is to engage audiences in Nitra, stimulate local cultural involvement, foster education in the sphere of culture and develop community life. The City of Nitra purports to join the ranks of modern European creative cities, following the so-called “eventful cities” concept.

“Our long-term objective is to form engaged residents in Nitra who feel responsible for what goes on in their city. One of the project’s major benefits is that it is in no way limited locally despite its local orientation. To the contrary, it creates trans-local connections by means of a wide network of partners as well as thanks to the international scope of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra,” summarised Anna Šimončičová, the project manager.


Main project outputs:

  • Audience Programme Board and participative selection of festival programme – 9 productions co-selected by spectators staged at the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2019 and 2020;
  • Participative production by Slovak team in collaboration with 3 international partners –Blue is the Colour, Petra Fornayová & coll. – work in progress
  • Teenagers’ dance production Icarus, Marie Gourdain and coll. – work in progress
  • International creative residency programmes in Nitra – IT Context, Alessandro Carboni, December 2019, FR #Generation(s) – Le Cri Dévot;
  • Active Audience Night – 16 November 2019, 21 November 2020;
  • Networking, international mobilities, network meetings in Nitra;
  • Research in audience development;
  • and others.


For more information, please contact the project manager: 

Anna Šimončičová, 0944 263 793,


Main project partners


Základná umelecká škola J. Rosinského, Plesni, Dublin, Buda, CapoTrave / Kilowatt, Domino, Bakelit