A TULIP FOR YOU is the exceptionally successful project of artistic and creative integration activities for partially sighted and blind children that The Association Divadelná Nitra carried out since 2007. Since 2009 the project continues as an yearlong activity. In this way the Association intentionally builds up the continuously sustainable cultural and creative background also for minority groups of our society.

The project title has been naturalized by radio play The Tulip Cradle at the first “tulip” workshop at the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra´08.

The dominant project event is SEPTEMBER TULIP – yearly meeting of more than 50 children with visual impairment and healthy children from Bratislava and Nitra at the join creative workshop at The International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra. Also the open air weekend creative and relaxation workshop JUNE TULIP is annually held in leisure centre near Trenčianske Teplice at the end of school year.

Since 2009 the centre for project activities becomes to be the newly – reconstructed CLUB TULIP FOR YOU set up by Association Divadelná Nitra at the Primary Boarding School of the Visually Impaired and Blind in Bratislava. Club is a creative and leisure meeting spot not only for children with disabilities who live year round in the boarding school but also for their sighted friends. The club activities – visual art, music, dance workshops – are led by project founder akad. soch. Elena Kárová. Stable space enables to develop yearly round project activities and plays an important role for maintaining the project sustainable.

Further information about a project you can find THERE.