Reflections on a range of socio-political issues are within the gene pool of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra. They appear in different forms within the Festival programme.

The aim of the programming is to draw attention to these issues, highlight them and thus convey them clearly to the public.

The focus of the Festival management and team is reflected in the choice of issues, that gives it a distinct ideological direction. Principally, the themes reflect the existential sense of the contemporaries -artists and others engaged in culture.

Individual Festival editions thus highlight such themes as the quest for identity, reconciliation with the past, visions of the future, issues of immigration, integration, poverty, environmental protection, or, in general, depreciation of values.

The leitmotif of each Festival edition, that varies from year to year, is thus a symbolic indicator of the overarching theme of an annual edition, whilst also serving as the common denominator of the themes of individual performative works.

At the same time, the leitmotif is an incentive to search for content or conceptual connections, links between individual components or works within the Festival programme.

The leitmotif is an inspiration for visual solutions, an incentive to play with the meanings of the term.

Imaginary map, a network of mental and communication links is thus created, and the idea is fulfilled of the Festival as a platform for cultural exchange and the advancement of critical thinking.

The leitmotif of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra 2023 is 

responses / odozvy

response – echo – resonance – reflection – reaction – reply

  • response as an assumption of existence
  • response as an elementary prerequisite of communication
  • response as a reaction to the actions of a person, system, mechanism
  • responses of the heart
  • bodily response
  • audience response
  • response in the media
  • diplomatic response
  • the response of nature to human actions
  • device, internet, monitor response
  • response test

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are opening up to the outside world. School-aged children and students are restoring contacts with their classmates. It is through the energy crisis that we are coming to notice that of climate change. We learn to understand threats, we fight against fake news, we need to reassure ourselves about the values of life.

Response means interest in what surrounds us, knowledge of the state of our loved ones and of the world, firming relationships, developing empathy and an ability to help.

It is a response to the apathy of public caused by the critical events of the recent years, particularly the aggression in Ukraine, climate change and economic crisis, and the pandemic.

We also wish to elicit a response as an instrument to address audience crisis that has become apparent across the globe.

Response is an interaction that helps us survive and find the meaning of life.