Nitra Gallery

30 Sept – 5 Dec, Nitra Gallery – Representative Halls: FOLK-LORE. This exhibition curated by B. Geržová offers a different perspective on folklore and oral tradition, unearthing ingrained stereotypes about the world, society and the position of man and woman in it.

9 Sept – 7 Nov, Nitra Gallery – Young Gallery: Šimon Chovan – WINGS IN MOTION. This exhibition curated by B. Geržová introduces the young artist Š. Chovan, whose work reflects on the new technologies defining our age and existential dependency.

Nitra Regional Education Centre

24 Sept – 29 Oct, Nitra Regional Education Centre: FAD 21 PO. Exhibition of photographs by Jakub Jančo from the Amateur Theatre Festival 2021.

Architecture Days

from 25 August 2021, permanent objects, Square: Blocks. Svätoplukovo námestie, the central square as we know it today is the outcome of a razing of the historical city centre. Blocks try to remind us of the long-forgotten spaces of Divadelné námestie (Theatre Square) and Radničné námestie (City Hall Square). They might be transcendencies – links between conscious and unconscious, past and future. This project, brought by the City of Nitra in collaboration with Architecture Days, confirms the intuition.

1 – 3 October, FB profile Očami prírody (Through Nature’s Eyes)Green Festival – Through Nature’s Eyes. A green watch closely follows the festival organisation and advises us how to make it more environmentally-friendly. Presentation for the candidature of Nitra for the European Capital of Culture 2026. Nitra 2026.

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