Theme of the Festival Divadelná Nitra 2019 – Faces of Freedom

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of a turning point in the political history of Central and Eastern Europe, a fundamental transformation of the political, economic and social organisation of its many countries. 1989 brought the downfall of totalitarian regimes, the end of the Cold War, open borders and possibilities of travel, business, assembly and expression. 1989 meant the opening of many pathways to freedom. PODOBY SLOBODY /  FACES OF FREEDOM is the theme of the 28th year of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra.
Faces of Freedom
  • Freedom of thought, opinion, speech, expression, creation, religion, sexual orientation.
  • Freedom of movement, communication, assembly.
  • Human freedom, civil freedom, artistic freedom.
  • Freedom of the press. Freedom of animals
  • Individual freedom. Free society.
  • Freedom – the limits of Freedom – Unfreedom.
  • The faces of Unfreedom. Personal, social, political.
  • Now and throughout history.
  • Pathways to Freedom. Struggle for Freedom. Enjoyment of Freedom. Misuse of Freedom.
  • Benefits and consequences of Freedom/Unfreedom
The festival programme will not merely address the faces of freedom through the subject matter of the selected plays, fine art, films and discussions; it will also explore the theme of freeing oneself of conventions and engaging in experiment, overcoming the boundaries of styles and genres.