Since 1962, the theatre community is celebrating World Theatre Day on 27 March, declared by the International Theatre Institute (ITI). Divadelná Nitra (in 2020 will be held from 25 to 30 September) will commemorate this day, as do many theatre artists, theatre lovers and theatre institutions around the world. On this day occasion, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) asked for the message of Pakistani director and playwright Shahid Nadeem. Today, when theatres are closed in many countries around the world, this message of faith in theatre is gaining strength. Shahid Nadeem concluded his speech by saying:

“… It is time to regain that symbiotic relationship between the artist and the audience, the past and the future. Theatre-making can be a sacred act and the actors indeed can become the avatars of the roles they play. Theatre elevates the art of acting to a higher spiritual plane. Theatre has the potential of becoming a shrine and the shrine a performance space.”


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